The Algebra Essentials workshop is a series of three workshops designed to help you to consolidate your knowledge of the topics in algebra that are essential for success in your courses. If you'd like to review the topics covered, please scroll to the workshop overview section below. If you'd like to sign up, click the Register button.



Workshops will be held on Zoom. Dates, times and Zoom links will be provided closer to the start of the sessions.

Total Time

The Algebra Essentials workshop is comprised of three separate two hour sessions. You must attend all of the sessions to complete the workshop. 


Your Workshop Calendar

If you've already signed up for an upcoming session, you will see these below.  Remember, you must attend all of the sessions to complete the workshop. 

Workshop Overview


Area of Support


Workshop 1: Pre-Algebra & Basic Algebra

  1. Positive and negative numbers (adding and subtracting)
  2. Order of operations
  3. Fractions (common and improper, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions)
  4. Division by zero
  5. Decimals and percentages
  6. Defining Variables
  7. Independent and dependent variables
  8. Linear Expression (definition and forms)
  9. Algebraic fractions (all operations – e.g. addition, subtraction, etc.)
  10. Problem solving (including word problems)

Notes: Pre-Algebra & Basic Algebra (typed and handwritten)


Workshop 2: Linear Equations & Quadratic Equations

  1. Linear equations
  2. Backtracking and manipulating equations
  3. Solving simultaneous equations (substitution and elimination methods)
  4. Defining quadratic equations
  5. Factorising and roots of quadratic equations
  6. Graphing quadratic equations (e.g. projectile motion)
  7. Problem solving (including word problems)

Notes: Linear Equations & Quadratic Equations (typed and handwritten)


Workshop 3: Pythagoras' Theorem & Trigonometry

  1. Triangles and their properties
  2. Definition of a right-angled triangle
  3. Statement of Pythagoras' Theorem
  4. Applying Pythagoras' Theorem (solve for a side length given the other two)
  5. Radians and degrees
  6. Unit circle definition of trigonometric functions (sine, cos, tan)
  7. Special/standard trigonometric angles
  8. Basic trigonometric identities
  9. Graphing trigonometric functions
  10. Solving trigonometric problems
  11. Problem solving (including word problems)
Notes: Pythagoras' Theorem & Trigonometry (typed and handwritten)